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Luckily I recently landed a good job, but in hindsight, there are a few more questions that I should have asked before taking the job. As a future reminder for myself and as a reference for you, here’s my list of questions to ask your potential future employer (for a software developer of course) before taking your next job.

Do you have a Scrum Master and what’s there experience?

This is probably the more obscure one that I took for granted. You practice scrum right? So surely the team works great?

The good old fashioned but with extra effort to appease the taste buds. Even Mum will be proud.

Serves 4. Cooking time: 1 hour


500g lean beef mince

1 can on tomato

3 tbsp. vegetable oil

1 yellow onion, finely shopped

2 medium carrots, finely grated

1 red or sweet bell pepper, chopped into small chunks

1 leak (substitutable with a stick of celery), finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic, crushed and finely chopped

1 thumb (15g) of ginger, finely chopped or grated

2 tbsp. soy sauce

1 tsp. red grape vinegar

1 tsp. oregano

1 tsp. rosemary

1 tsp…

Ho-ly-shit…! Getting this stuff to work properly has been the biggest waste of my time over the past month like you cannot believe!

I recently had the challenge of configuring Windows Authentication on a .NET Core API that would be consumed by an Angular 5 UI, contained in another .NET Core project, both of which were deployed to IIS 10 on the same server. This process was painful to say the least…

Through this deployment and configuration, I learnt a lot about setting up this type of authentication, but also felt that there wasn’t a lot of useful info regarding…

In this tutorial we will be using an Angular 6 front-end to perform CRUD operations against a ASP.NET WebAPI2 back-end.

We will not be covering the WebAPI2 creation in great detail in this tutorial as we have already covered this in our previous tutorials. Instead we will be focusing on the Angular front-end component. You can however download the WebAPI2 from here:

There is a SQL Server script in the root folder that you can create the University database from.

For the completed tutorial’s code, please see below:


  • A basic understanding of WebAPI2.
  • An IDE compatible with Angular 6. …

I was recently given the challenge of creating unit tests for the Angular Tour of Heroes application which I found daunting. This tutorial will take you through creating these tests for this application.

You should be familiar with the basics of Karma and Jasmine, which are some of the tools that we will be using to test our project. If you had a read through the Testing section on the Angular page, you would have noticed that they have used a custom Tour of Heroes application that I found unsuitable for beginners (207 tests…! No thanks).

I also found it…

So if you are like me and just started out with AngularJS (yes new versions are out now but baby steps please…) and WebAPI2 to feed your AngularJS something useful, then stay tuned. We will be covering the creation of a basic AngularJS application and its integration with a WebAPI2 back-end, the focus being on the CRUD aspect between the two, as well as consuming scaffolded controllers without too much redevelopment.

This tutorial will be split into two parts, the first being the creation of the WebAPI2 back-end, and the second being the AngularJS front-end. …

In this tutorial, we will be covering the creation of a WebAPI2 back-end that will feed our AngularJS application some usefull data. This is the second part of this tutorial and will be specifically covering the AngularJS front-end component. If you would like to go back to the first part containing the WebAPI2 section, please click here.


  • Have a running WebAPI2 in the background that we can consume (See Part 1 of this tutorial)
  • Have at least tried the official AngularJS Tutorial (its a lot to take in on the first run but well worth it). …

Luke Lindner

Bolognaise even your Mum would be proud of

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